Friday, June 17, 2016

A Series of Unexpected Events

It started out with my usual meal of the day, the only meal I have a day. We were on the couch watching a movie while I was having toast and tea. Lesson learnt, never use a dark coloured mug in dimly lit places. All it took was just a sip and the feeling of something squishy but firm in my mouth. I was thinking “It can’t be, everything is supposed to be in the tea bag”, I spat it out and holy moly! It was a friggin’ house fly that went kamikaze into my hot beverage and drowned. I ran into the kitchen and gargled my mouth violently while the rest was wandering what just happened. I couldn’t answer because my mouth was busy doing a cleansing ritual.

Anyway, that aside. Seems that I’m now the assistant supervisor at my work place. The old one didn’t turn up for work for too many days and was replaced by yours truly. It has its ups and downs. I won’t fall asleep that easily now that I need to run up and down the stairs to the weighing scale and calculate the wastage of apple dice every hour. The drag is filling in the report sheet, counting defects and measuring the size of a random dice. I’m grateful that my team mates are very supportive and helpful when I’m put in charge (whenever the team lead is away, usually on the last day before our off days).

The meal my Chilean friends made was extremely satisfying, so much care and thought has been put in preparing the lovely meal. Unlike the other kiwi party we had the other day, there was no drama, we were very chill. Lots of dancing and laughter. We even have future dinner plans to expose our Chilean friends to our Malaysian delicacies.

They were so warm, generous and hospitable! They probably made Chilean one of my favourite nationalities now. 

My favourite Chilean chika, Veronica!
I can't wait to cook for them and show them what Malaysian cuisine is like. I'd like to show them the same amount of generosity that they have shown me.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello from the Other Side

In case anyone was wandering, I did apply for this working holiday visa on an impulse. I got lucky, I got it and now I'm here. I felt that I needed to get away from the monochromatic life in Malaysia. It was getting repetitive and suffocating.

It's late but it's better late than never. Already five months has passed since arriving New Zealand and still yet everything feels so surreal to me that I'm away from my family this long. It did take me this long to adjust and settle down to start a blog.

To be fair, I was living in a very claustrophobic room, sleeping on the upper bunk with the ceiling inches away from my nose. With little privacy and plenty of carbon dioxide, I lived like this with my cousin since the 4th of January. Rent: NZD130 per person, a week.

A lot has progressed since then, we have just reached the start of winter and we have since moved from that terribly confined space (I jokingly call it "Bangla home") to a cozy bedroom. My own room, a proper bed, my personal drawers, hooks I no longer need to share and sunlight that greets me every morning through the gaps of the dusty curtains which I was too afraid to move. I fear that a family of spiders will swarm out of it if I made a minor adjustment, and that a generous layer of dust would cover my clean sheets. The best part is going in and out of the bathroom without having to arm myself with a parka. A fireplace sits in the kitchen/ dining area and heat pumps to keep the living room warm.

Not the fireplace I was talking about.
Till then. Goodnight!